Upcoming Event

September 20th-21st - TrendLab Digital 2022
Advanced Data Analytics Summit

The TrendLab Digital event will take place on September 20th and 21st, and will once again feature many customers, partners, and TrendMiner product experts. Many topics, such as high-value use cases, adoption journeys, and change management, the global architecture and deployment best practices, and exciting partnerships with e.g. AWS will be covered.

Next to content sessions, we will have options to join randomized 5-minute watercooler chats as well as discussion rooms to talk about certain curated topics.

As we are completing the speaker line-up, please keep an eye on the event page.

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Upcoming Trainings/Webinar(s)

September 27th-28th - TrendMiner Fundamentals
Beginner level training

The TrendMiner Fundamental training series is a beginner level training taking place over the course of 2 days and a total of 4 hours. In these sessions, we will cover all the basic TrendMiner functionalities such as the loading of tags, time navigation, layers, searches, etc. in a convenient virtual format. After attending the sessions, you will be fully equipped with the core knowledge that will enable you to perform your own data analysis and tackle use-cases involving time series data. If you're a brand-new user or simply need a refresher, this is the perfect training for you!


For versions before 2022.R1.0 SpanishFrenchEnglish (Europe)English(Americas), and German recorded sessions are available.
Intermediate level online trainings will not be organized in September.

Past Training Recordings

Navigate to the Training Videos page for to access all of our other video recordings, such intermediate and basic trainings, Tutorial Thursdays, as well as German, French, and Spanish training playlists.

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