Merging axes: putting measurements on the same scale

TrendMiner's merging axes functionality enables you to align measurements to a common scale.

How to group tags

In order to put tag A on the same scale as tag B:

  • Drag the axis label of tag A onto the axis label of tag B in the focus chart.

Note: you cannot include a digital tag in a scale group.

Dragging tags onto each other will create a tag group. All tags in this group are shown on the same scale. Axis labels appear grouped in the focus chart and a colored line appears in front of the tags in the active tag list when creating scaled groups.

Currently auto-scaling is not yet supported for tag groups and the scales of all tags are switched from 'Auto' to 'Manual' when creating a tag group.

Note: be aware that dropping tag A on another tag B may render the tag A invisible if its range does not match the scale of B at all.

The screenshot below shows a tag group after dragging the 'BA:TEMP.1'-tag on top of the 'BA:CONC.1'-tag. The tag group is also indicated with a green line in front of both tags in the active tag list.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 21.54.12

Note: group tags will not be saved when creating and loading a new view.

How to customize groups

In order to change the position of the tag group:

  1. Via the focus chart: drag the triple tag icon of the tag group to another position.
  2. Via the tags menu: drag the tag group to another position.

It is also possible to reorder the tags within a tag group:

  1. Drag the axis label of the tag within the tag group to change its position.

The scale of a tag group can be changed as well:

  1. Open the tags menu .
  2. Click on a tag in the tag group to open the tag details.
  3. Change the 'Min' and 'Max' values in the 'Scale Settings'. All tags in the group will be scaled accordingly to these settings.

How to remove tags from a group

  1. To remove a tag from a tag group there are two options:
  2. Drag and drop the axis label of the corresponding tag outside of the tag group.
  3. Click the undock icon present in the group axis label as indicated in the screenshot below.

Both methods can be used to remove a tag from its group but it is important to notice that removing the tag using the:

  • Drag and drop method will keep the scale from the tag group.
  • The undock icon will recover the original scale settings of that tag.


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