TH NextGen - Search refinements

Search refinement provides you the option to further filter or select search results based on multiple conditions, in a visual manner. The visual representation makes it possible to dive deeper into your data for quicker insights, test hypotheses or find possible root causes.

Refining search results is conducted in a side-panel that displays a histogram for each added search calculation, duration or search score where applicable.

The histograms provide a visual representation of the data distribution but also allows you to quickly select a minimum and maximum for each listed item. When setting a new minimum and/or maximum, each histogram will be updated accordingly to show how many search results are impacted by the new min/max selection.


How to perform search refinements

After creating a search (including search calculations) you can start refining.

  1. Click the search results option button.
  2. Choose the "Refine results" option. This will open a new side-panel on the right.
  3. Apply your refinement settings by:
    • entering the minimum and/or maximum value in the input fields, or,
    • manual selection on each histogram.
    • After you have set refinements, all histograms will be updated to show the data adjusted by new settings in blue. The total results will still be displayed in grey. The number of results by bin (both refined and total) can be seen by hovering over the corresponding bin of the histogram.
  4. To reset any refinement setting you can:
    • click the refresh button to apply the starting situation,
    • enter any value in the minimum/maximum field outside the current range. The value will automatically be reset to the correct minimum/maximum value.Search_refinement_2.png
  5. Click "Apply" to update the search result list with your refined settings. The results title and a green badge will be shown on the options-button to indicate that refinements are applied to the results of your search conditions.Search_refinement_3.png


  • The number of bins for the histograms is set to a fixed value of 15 and cannot be adjusted.
  • Calculations based on digital tags are not supported at this time.
  • No histogram can be shown if there is no variance in the resulting data.
  • Search refinements are not saved and are reset after re-performing the search.






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