TH NextGen - Operating area search

The operating area search enables you to search for periods inside or outside of a drawn region in the scatter plot.

How to perform an Operating Area Search

  1. In TrendHub, open the search menu.
  2. Make sure that you have at least two visible tags present on your chart.
  3. Within the search menu, click "Create new" under the Operation Area search option.


Note: Your view may switch automatically to the scatter-plot view mode with the first two tags from the active tag list visualised. This is done so that you can start drawing an area on the scatterplot which is needed as input for this search. This will not happen if you are already in a single scatterplot view or if there is already an active drawn area present.

  1. Fill out the search conditions (see "Search Conditions" section below).
    • To draw a new area: Click the "draw" button on top of the single scatter plot and click inside the chart to start drawing and double click to end drawing. More details on scatterplots and how to draw an area can be read here on the scatter plot article.


  1. Click the "Search" Button.

After you have performed a search, you can read here on what further actions you can do on top of your search results.

Note: Scatterplots only visualize the data of the base layer.

Tip: It can be useful to set your tag-scaling to manual instead of auto-scale so that your drawn area is always visible, for easier reference and comparing results.

Search Conditions


Region: Choose whether you want to look for periods where datapoints lie inside or outside your drawn area.

Minimum Duration: This is the minimum duration that the search conditions need to be true before they are returned as result.

Drawing Area: This component shows the details of your drawn area (or envelope) on the scatterplot. The information shown includes:

  • The number of nodes that the drawn area/envelope contains.
  • The tags/attributes used on the X- and Y-axis.
  • The Focus Chart period range used to draw the area

The component will ask the user to draw an area if no active drawing can be detected. 

Search Period: The period listed here reflects the time range specified in the chart's context period. Only search results between this start- and end-date will be returned. This value can be adjusted with the context period selector at the bottom of the chart.

Restoring Search conditions

A summary of your search results is shown at the top of the results menu. You can restore the initial search conditions by clicking the refresh icon. After clicking the restore-button:

  • The focus chart will be set to the listed period.
  • The listed tags will be loaded on the chart.
  • The drawn area will be drawn identical as from starting the initial search.


The restore button is only available when a change has been detected in the drawn area and/or the reference period. You can restore the initial search conditions by clicking the refresh icon.

Note: You may have to adjust your active tag list again if the used tags are no longer present in the active tag list, and have reached the maximum number of visible tags before you can restore your search conditions again.

Editing search conditions

When you want to update your search with other conditions, you will first have to click the "edit search conditions" button. The edit flow of this search differs slightly from the other searches.

  1. When no changes are detected compared to the initial search conditions, you will be transferred back to the previous menu to set your search conditions.
    • Changes can include:
      • Updates to the drawn area.
      • Different focus chart area.
      • Tags for which the area is drawn.
  2. When a change has been detected, you will be asked to choose one of the following options.
    • To keep the original search conditions.
    • To overwrite the original search conditions with the situation of your screen.

Add calculations

It is possible to add one or multiple calculations to the search results and the search definition, by clicking on the "Add calculation" link. Please read the Calculations on the search results article for more information about how to work with calculations.

Saving a search

After creating or editing a search, to save it click on the link "Save this search" on the Search summary.

Note: An operating area search can also be used as monitor once saved. To learn more about monitoring, refer to this article.


  • The minimum duration of the search needs to be at least two times the index resolution.
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