TH NextGen - System and disabled monitors

Whenever issues are encountered during the automatic monitoring process the respective monitor will be set to system-disabled, which is indicated in the monitoring overview by a red warning icon.

Potential issues include:

  • Tags are not accessible: e.g. the monitor is based on a formula, which has been deleted or the user lost permission to access the data source where tags used in the monitor are stored.
  • Incorrect minimum duration: Although very unlikely, this happens when the duration parameter of a value based search or area search is smaller than the minimum allowed duration parameter. This can happen when the index resolution of a setup is modified after the creation of the searches.
  • Trigger of fingerprint monitor is no longer existing: This can be the case when the search which is used as a fingerprint trigger is deleted.
  • Context item creation is misconfigured: This can happen when the context item type used in the monitoring setting no longer exists.

Having this setting provides you the correct overview of the status of your enabled monitors, i.e. which are in a healthy state and which are not. For each monitor that goes to System-disabled, a notification is sent out describing the root cause.

Note: TrendMiner will not check for results for system-disabled monitors.

Whenever tag accessibility issues are restored or the failing monitor is edited to use a valid and existing context type, you can re-enable all system-disabled monitors at once by clicking the health check button in the header of the monitoring and alert overview page. When the health check is finished, a notification is sent out indicating the number of monitors that could not be enabled.


Important Note: It is strongly advised to run health checks whenever any underlying issue is resolved. This will make sure all events, since the monitor went to system-disabled, are still captured and context items (if set up), will be backfilled. In case a user manually disables and re-enables the monitor again, all missed events will be lost.

Note: The health check button only verifies if tag accessibility issues are resolved. If this is the case, the monitors will be enabled again. If the monitor still contains other issues, it will be system-disabled during the next monitoring run. Please follow the guidelines in the notification to fix the underlying issue.

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