TH NextGen - Digital step search

The Digital step search enables you to search for specific occurrences in your data where a step was made in a digital or string tag, signifying, for example, a transition between two product types or batch phases.

How to perform a digital step search

  1. Add at least one digital or string tag to your active tag list.
  2. From the search menu, click "Create new" under the Digital step search option.


  1. Select the digital tag of interest, and a 'FROM' and 'TO' state from the dropdown menus. The state selected in each field must be different.
  2. Set the desired time durations.
  3. Press the "Search" button to start the search.


  1. Wait for the result list to appear. By default, the results are sorted and grouped by date (see working with the search result list, to change the order of the results).

Note: In contrast to the value based search, all results will have the same duration (I.e. the specified From duration + the specified To duration), even though the duration of both states might be much longer.

Navigate through the results list to find results of interest. Add them as additional layers by clicking the "Add layer" link.

Add calculations

It is possible to add one or multiple calculations to the search results and the search definition, by clicking on the "Add calculation" link. Please refer to the Calculations on search results article for more information about calculations.


Saving a search

After creating or editing a search, save it by following the next steps:

  1. Click on the link "Save this search" on the search summary.


This action will open a panel, where you can specify:

  1. Click on the button "Save search" on the panel.


Note: A digital step search can also be used as monitor once saved. To learn more about monitoring, refer to this article.

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