TH NextGen - Setting up a monitor

The monitoring functionality enables you to set up alerts for process behaviours of interest. A monitor can be set up based on a saved search or a saved fingerprint. Cross asset value based searches are currently not available in monitors.

Monitors based on saved searches, will alert you whenever an event is found that matches your search conditions. For monitors based on fingerprints, you can be notified for events that either match or deviate from the expected behaviour, see Fingerprint monitors below.

To learn how to set up and save searches or fingerprints, please refer to the Search overview and Fingerprints documentation.

Configure and enable monitors

  1. Navigate to the monitor and alert overview.


  1. Click on "Enable Monitor" and select the saved search or fingerprint for which you want to enable the monitor.



The monitors can be filtered and organized by type or latest update date. To setup a monitor, you can use:

  • Fingerprints Fingerprint.png
  • Value based searches VBS.png
  • Digital step searches Step_search.png
  • Similarity searches SIMS.png
  • Operating Area searches AREA.png
  1. Configure the monitor actions. If none of these actions are selected, the results will still be displayed in the monitoring overview table in TrendHub. The following monitoring options can be configured:
  • Send email message: Set up an email alert by checking the box for email alerts. Enter the email address and click the plus button. You can specify a subject line and a message. See the email example alert below.
    • Adding multiple email addresses: Set up an email alert for multiple email addresses by entering each email address and clicking the plus button.


  • Create context item: TrendMiner will automatically create context items for every monitor result. Specify the component on which these context items need to be created as well as the context item type. Depending on the type, you will have the possibility to provide default values for custom fields. You can also specify a description and keywords.


  • Call webhook: Use this option to integrate with other 3rd party tools. Click here for more information about webhooks.


  • For Fingerprint monitors, you will see an extra option to configure the trigger, “Detect matches” or “Detect deviations”. 


  1. When you are done configuring the monitor, click on the button “Enable monitor.” Now you will see the enabled monitor available in the monitor and alert overview.


Note: Monitoring notifications will appear automatically in the monitor and alert overview and a notification will be displayed above the Monitoring link.

Fingerprint monitors

When you save a fingerprint, it will automatically appear in the select options of the monitoring and alerts tab, where you can enable the monitor to detect matching or deviating behavior. To learn more about fingerprints, please refer to the fingerprints article.

Select "Detect matches" if you want to be notified when the time series data matches the fingerprint pattern. Select "Detect deviations" if you want to be notified when the time series data is deviating from the ideal behavior. For both cases you need to specify a detection threshold. When searching for matches, TrendMiner will inform you when a complete fingerprint match is found.


To look for deviations, TrendMiner requires a trigger which defines the start point of the fingerprint comparison. This trigger can be any other kind of search or fingerprint. The trigger and the fingerprint are aligned from the start. When monitoring for deviations, TrendMiner will continuously assess the evolution of the time series data and compare it to the fingerprint. TrendMiner will send out a deviation notification, whenever the data no longer falls within the chosen fingerprint threshold. This live threshold value is calculated by assuming all future data will reside perfectly within the fingerprint.


Note: The detection threshold is a measure of similarity. This measure is calculated based on the sum of the residuals to the fingerprint. This is like the similarity score, used in the similarity search. I.e., when the detection threshold is 100%, no deviation at any point is allowed. 

You will see the expected interval between detections. This is an estimation based on the fingerprint pattern and the defined detection threshold.

States of monitors 

Monitors can be in one of the following states: Enabled, disabled (monitor is not shown on the monitoring page), or System-disabled.

A disabled monitor can be enabled by following the steps described in the Configure Monitors section. By default, each user can enable a maximum of 10 monitors. When TrendMiner detects an issue with a monitor, it will set the monitor to System-disabled. Please refer to this article to learn more about System-disabled monitors. 

Email alerts

Here is an example of the email alert. The email contains the following information:

  • Monitor name.
  • Message: the message saved when enabling the monitor (optional).
  • Condition detected: name of the search or fingerprint.
  • Starting at: start date of the monitoring event. The time zone shown in the email is configured by the TrendMiner administrator, in ConfigHub under the settings menu. To modify it please contact your administrator.
  • Monitor owner: name of the user who enabled the monitor.


To open the event in TrendMiner, click on the link “View in TrendHub”.

To unsubscribe from the email alerts of a monitor click on the "Unsubscribe link". You will need to login and confirm you want to unsubscribe.


You can only unsubscribe the email address linked to your TrendMiner account user. If for some reason you are not able to unsubscribe from the email alert or the unsubscribe fails, please contact the monitor owner mentioned on the email alert.

This might mean that your email address is indirectly linked to the monitor (e.g., by being part of a distribution list) or that your TrendMiner user has registered a different email address than the one linked to the monitoring notification.

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