TrendMiner 2021.R2.2

1st of October 2021

The 2021.R2.2 release contains the following new functionality and improvements:

Application Enhancements

  • Improved tag-search performance for customers with very large numbers of connected tags
  • Suggestions for recently used tags/views when visualizing context items in TrendHub Next Generation
  • TrendMiner version in user drop-down: in TrendHub Next Generation, ContextHub and DashHub, the user can consult which version of TrendMiner is currently installed and being used
  • Admin: Improved insights in the integration-status of OSIsoft PI AF data sources, both for asset capability (sync Asset Frameworks) as well as context capability (sync Event Frames)
  • Miscellaneous security improvements

Bug fixes

  • We have improved the Recommendation Engine to make looking for candidate tags less resource-intensive, allowing running searches that contain a higher number of tags without hitting limitations on the system.
  • When the context item created by a monitor failed due to hiccups with our security service they were are also considered monitoring malfunctions, causing the monitor going to system-disabled. In these cases, the monitor won’t be system-disabled anymore.
  • When the trigger of a fingerprint monitor is deleted, the monitor will go to system-disabled, and will remain disabled after running the health check (instead of incorrectly re-enabling the monitor as a match fingerprint)
  • Restricting Monitoring configuration API to admin role. Specifically how many active monitors we allow per user.

Known issues

  • Cross asset value based search is currently not supported (and blocked) for string tags (i.e. digital tags for which no numerical value mapping exists on the historian). Digital tags for which a numerical value mapping exists on the historian are supported.
  • After restoring a backup the tm-zeppelin and the tm-zementis service need to be restarted manually.
  • Scooter values may change when zooming in after adding the scooter. This is due to the fact that scooters currently interpolate the data points on the chart.
  • The back button of the browser does not correctly restore the panel state.
  • When calculated tags are deleted, they cannot be created with the same name again.
  • Cloning a notebook will result in a copy of the notebook. The paragraphs of the copied notebook are still interlinked with the paragraphs of the original notebook. The "linked" paragraphs of both notebooks may be refreshed/updated based on the other notebook resulting in undesired behavior. It is advised to copy/paste your code manually for now.
  • Renaming a tag in the tag builder is not supported if the tag is linked to a Context item.

Important: As from our 2021.R3 release, the minimum system requirements will change:

  • vCPU 8 (Recommended: vCPU 16)
  • RAM 64 GB (up from 32 GB)
  • Disk space 100 GB (Recommended: 500 GB)

Note: In case you are foreseeing issues in (timely) upgrading your system resources, please contact your CSM for more information, as we will make sure that the TrendMiner core functionalities will still fit 32GB RAM installations, albeit some functionalities might become limited or suffer from degraded performance.

As from the 2021.R3 onwards, we will drop active support* for Internet Explorer 11 browsers, following Microsoft's recommendation to only use Internet Explorer for compatibility with older sites and applications. Ending support for IE 11 will allow us to use modern web practices to improve performance and user experience as we continue adding new features. Support for Microsoft Edge browser has been added instead.

* users will still be able to use IE11 with TrendMiner, but new features might no longer work + IE11 specific bugs/issues will no longer be solved. In a later stage, existing functionalities will also be adjusted to no longer have to cope with the restrictions of IE11.

Synopsis - Application Enhancements

Improved tag-search performance

Our tag-search procedures have been changed in order to improve the performance for our customers with a high number of tags. When searching for a tag via the new procedures:

  • The query requires a minimum length of 3 characters.
  • Returns the first 200 results.
  • Results are sorted on name (ascending).

The tag-browser component has been adapted to use these new endpoints. If users want to search for tag names with less than 3 characters they will need to include wildcards to meet the minimum length requirements or use the advanced tag search option which still supports search on less than 3 characters.

Suggestions for tags/views when visualizing context items

In TrendHub Next Generation (currently in beta), we’ve made improvements to the “visualize” option for context items. By adding a list of suggested tags and views to the visualize panel, based on the user’s most recent activity (up to 10 each), it is now much easier for users to find back relevant tags to include in the visualization. Selecting a recently used tag/attribute will add that tag to the list of selected tags to visualize, selecting a recently used view will select all tags from that view.


TrendMiner version in user drop-down

In TrendHub Next Generation, ContextHub and DashHub, you can now, as a user, consult the version of TrendMiner which is installed. This can simply be done by clicking on your user name which is located in the top right corner in any of these hubs.


Administration: Improved insights in the integration-status of OSIsoft PI AF data sources

In order to increase the agency of TrendMiner administrators, specifically in case of integration issues with ContextHub data sources (Asset Frameworks & Event Frames), we have added a dedicated “Diagnostics” page in the “Data” section of ConfigHub.

The “Diagnostics” page is accessible through the “Data” section in ConfigHub, and breaks down synchronization diagnostics into the following sections & sub-sections:

Event Frame Sync

  • Live Sync
  • Excessive Interval Sync
  • Historical Sync
  • Failed Context Items


Asset Framework Sync




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