What are asset structures?

An asset structure is a hierarchical structure that can be used to sort your time series data in a logical way, for example per reactor, plant, etc. TrendMiner allows you to make use of your existing asset structures, like for example an OSIsoft PI Asset Framework, or to upload a home made structure by means of a CSV file. Multiple asset structures are possible.  

An overview of your current asset structures can be found in the ContextHub configuration section. This is the place where admins can add new asset structures, but also manage them (order, publish, delete, sync,...). For more information on this, read here.

Note that external asset structures are also visible here but need to be connected to TrendMiner as an external data source. The system admin can do this in ConfigHub

Once one or more asset structure(s) are configured, you can use them in all TrendMiner hubs using the Asset BrowserHere, you can easily navigate into your hierarchical structures and filter when using multiple asset structures to add your components (assets and attributes) to TrendHub views, Context items, DashHub tiles, etc. 

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