TH NextGen - Layer creation

The layer functionality allows you to quickly compare layers of interest for different periods of interest, in a visual way.

Note: The compare layer table will be made available in a later release.

In practice the tag comparison functionality can be used to:

  • Determine root causes by overlaying good and bad periods, numerically compare tags and browse for differences.
  • Gain process insights by comparing different regimes of operation.
  • Quickly identify periods with the highest throughput, efficiency, ...

How to create layers

1. Select and add tags to your focus chart.

2. Click on the "Layers" icon LC1.png in the TrendHub menu.


3. Click on the blue + button to add a layer. A pop up will appear for you to add start and end dates/times of your new layer period.

4. Add the start and end date.

5. Click on the "Add layer" button. The layer will be added to your focus chart in dotted line fashion. The layers overview panel list will now include your newly formed layer. 

Note: Once you have selected your layer, an alternate way to set it is by dragging and dropping the layer on the context chart. Situated below the focus chart.


6. Name your layer in the "Name" field.

7. If you wish, set your new layer as the base layer by clicking on the "Set as base layer" button.


In the layers overview panel you can also show and hide the layers of a specific tag or attribute by clicking on the eye icon and by clicking on the tags color buttons.


You can shift a layer by clicking on one of the four shift buttons.


The shift corresponds to:

  • For the layer shifting the values are:
    • Big shift: 5%
    • Small shift: 0.5%
  • The default shift option (options under the focus charting)
    • 20% (left or right shift)

In addition, you can select the style of your chart lines by clicking the "Style" drop down menu.