TH NextGen - Live view mode

Entering live mode enables you to visualize data as it arrives in real-time. This helps you to follow the process and enables you to visually compare process data to assess process conditions.

Enabling live mode

To enter "Live mode", click the live mode button which is situated in the view bar on the right. The button will turn green for On, and the focus window will show the most recent data updating every 10 seconds.

The status of the "Lock" button of the focus chart controls, defines which time period will be visualized.

  • When closed, the focus chart will keep jumping to the most recent data while keeping the selected time span. The timespan will remain fixed while new data comes in.
  • When opened, the focus chart start date and time will remain fixed and newer data is added up until the now moment. When live mode is on, the view will keep on "growing".



To exit "Live mode", press the green live mode button a second time to return to a historical view.

Saving a live mode view

It is possible to save the view with the live mode option enabled. Simply save the view as you would normally do by clicking the actions button in the view bar and selecting the "Save as" option in the drop-down menu. Fill in the Save view side panel and click the "Save view" confirm button.

Depending on the state of the lock button, two views can be created. The view will be saved as a "Live view with fixed timespan" when the lock button is closed. With the lock button open the view is saved as a "Live view with fixed start time".



Note: In the view details you can see the view-type is now a live view with a time period that includes Now as the end point. Live mode is also stated as On.

Fingerprints in live mode

It can be interesting to compare a fingerprint to the behavior of a current process. Possible use cases include:

  • Compare an ongoing transition with the ideal transition.
  • Compare a running batch with a defined golden batch profile.
  • Compare startup or shutdown of machinery to the vendor's specification profile.

To visualize fingerprints in live mode, navigate to the fingerprint menu and add the fingerprint of interest. Currently we have three options to load in the fingerprint. For this case only the following two can be used without disabling live mode:

  • Current time: this option adds the fingerprint at the current moment. Use this option to start monitoring a transition or batch run that is just beginning.
  • At start of view: here we will add the fingerprint to the left side of the focus chart (start time). Use this option to add a reference for a transition or batch run that is already in progress.

For a perfect match of the fingerprint, you can easily move the fingerprint by dragging it over the chart. This option will be possible when the details of the corresponding fingerprints are opened.

With the additional zoom to fit option, live mode will be turned off and must be enabled again.

Note: Click here for more details about fingerprints.

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