TH NextGen - Home screen

The TrendHub home screen is where your interaction with TrendMiner begins. It provides you access to the analytics platform and various forms of support, including a direct communication channel with TrendMiner experts. The home screen is accessible at any time by selecting TrendHub (Beta)  within the Hubswitch HS1.png situated at the top left of the screen. TrendHub (Beta) includes the following:

Unified top bar:

  • Hubswitcher
  • Asset or tag name search field
  • Hub home / work organizer switch
  • Work organizer
  • Notification Center
  • User actions

View bar

  • Statistics button
  • Live mode button
  • Actions dropdown button

TrendHub menu

  • Tags
  • (Layers)
  • Saved views

Right side buttons

  • Help center
  • Make a wish button


The unified top bar

TrendMiner has four hubs currently; the analytics platform, TrendHub, the annotation management platform, ContextHub, the dashboard management platform, DashHub and the TrendHub (Beta) screen. 

The unified top bar is a common bar allowing for easy navigation between each of these hubs.

  • Hubswitcher - Each start screen is accessible at any time by clicking the "Hubswitcher",  left of the top bar, and selecting the hub of choice.


  • Asset or tag name search field: Asset or tag name search provides you the ability to visualize the asset structure defined by TrendMiner or sourced from a PI Asset Framework.  This asset browser enables you to easily navigate your plant asset structure and associated tags.
  • Home button: The home button directs you back to your selected hub screen. For example, if you are looking for views in the work organizer, you can hit the Home button to go back to your TrendHub / ContextHub / DashHub screen. 
  • Work organizer: Views are located, managed and saved in the work organizer. This feature is implemented under "Work organizer"  located left of the user profile menu, top right of the TrendMiner User Interface.
  • Notification center: The envelope icon is used to highlight a range of important updates. Many actions are recorded in the notification centre and the envelope badge is used to provide an immediate indication of a notice you should be aware of. Notifications include views that have been shared with you, warnings, import and sync successes and monitors disabled. Whenever there are unread notifications, this is made clear with an amount indicator.
  • User actions, under user profile: The user profile enables you to carry out a few basic actions related to your account and your TrendMiner session.


Actions include:

    • Toggle full screen
    • Account management
    • Start new session in new tab
    • Start new session
    • Log out
    • TrendMiner version and release notes (under the (?))

View bar

  • Statistics button: In the view header a "Statistics" button is available. This button gives you immediate access to all statistics related to your opened focus chart, in one easy to view table situated directly above your chart. Values automatically update when you zoom in or out of the chart (except while in live mode). When in "Live mode" a manual refresh is necessary when the chart has updated to a newer timeframe. Sort each column in your statistics table by clicking on the header of the column. 
  • Live mode button: Clicking on live mode enables you to visualize data as it arrives in real-time. This helps you to follow your process as it happens, it also enables you to visually compare process data with fingerprints (for example) to assess process conditions.
  • Actions dropdown button: When working on existing views or creating new views through preparation of tags, data analysis, and creation of monitors, you have available to you an "Actions" button situated at the top right of your home screen that will enable you to manage your new view.


The drop down menu provides a list of actions as follows:

  • Discard changes - When a view has been saved, any subsequent unsaved change can be removed using this option.
  • Save - Save your current view
  • Save as - Save new view
  • Edit details - When a view is saved, you can use this action to edit some details including, title, description and location of your saved view.
  • Start new view - provides you a blank canvas to work from.
  • Get shareable link - Provides you a sharable link to share with those who have access to your environment.
  • Export chart - Exports a png file of the current chart viewed.
  • Export statistics - Exports an excel sheet with the statistics table of your current chart view.
  • Delete - Delete view

Note: Tags, colours, periods selected as well as graphical displays are all included within via the shareable link. 

Note: When using the shareable link, the shared view is not updated if further updates to the view are made. You will need to copy a further shareable link to take all the latest updates. 

Note: Views created using the shareable link option, are stored for two years after the last day they are opened.

TrendHub menu

The menu bar is situated on the left side of the screen. You can start analysing your data by adding a tag, or loading a view. Use the tools found in the software menu bar to help describe, discover, diagnose and monitor your asset and attribute data. 

Currently in the Beta version of TrendHub, the Tags and saved views tools are the only options available when opening a new home screen. A layers option is made available when a tag or a view have been visualized on the homescreen. 

  • Tags
  • (Layers)
  • Saved views

Right side panel buttons

  • Help center is accessed by clicking the 'Help' button situated on the right side of the screen, and contains the following tools:
    • Search bar: Makes it possible for you to quickly find more information about any topic in the user guide.
    • What's new: Under the what's new button is a description of the new updates made available in the latest general release of TrendMiner. 
    • User guide: includes a comprehensive description of all TrendMiner features, subdivided by analytics topic. The guide can be used as a manual, or as a reference tool during your analysis. Information icons in the software menus immediately link to the respective article.
    • Frequently asked questions: Is a list of questions often asked with associated answers. 
    • Getting started: Find a list of documents created specifically to help you on your way with TrendMiner.
    • Training videos: Find a range of videos here that explain and demonstrate various aspects of TrendMiner.
    • Quick reference guide: If you prefer to use step by step flows to help explain the use of TrendMiner tools, use this quick reference guide.
    • Report an issue: This option can be used to report any issues/technical problems encountered in TrendMiner, without having to exit the application. One of our technical support engineers will diagnose your problem and contact you with a solution.
    • Chat with us: Opens up a platform that provides you direct access to one of our analytics engineers. Any questions concerning analytics problems can be asked here.
    • Privacy policy: TrendMiner privacy policy can be found here.

Make a wish button: Below the support chat, you can find a heart icon. This is the make a wish button. If you know of a potential feature that would support your data analysis, you can insert your request here. All these requests are considered when developing TrendMiner's roadmap.