TH NextGen - Tag comparison

How to use the statistics table

In the "View header bar" a "Statistics summary" button is available. This tool gives you immediate access to all active tag statistics in one easy to view table directly above your chart.

  1. Load all relevant tags you want to analyze.
  2. Navigate to the time period you want to analyze.
  3. Overlay other time periods you want to compare.
  4. Click on the "Statistics" button located in the "Views bar". 


Once clicked a tag comparison table will appear.


Values automatically update when you zoom in or out of the chart. You can also sort each statistic column in your chart by clicking on the header of the column. 

Statistical comparison of tags

Different measurements for performing a tag comparison are available. All values are shown by default. You can edit the statistic table by clicking on the settings button located at the top right of the table LC10.png. The "Edit statistics summary table" panel appears from the right.

The key statistics available to include or exclude:

  • Average values 
  • Standard deviation
  • Minimum values 
  • Maximum values
  • Range values
  • Integral values
  • Start values
  • Stop values
  • Delta values
  1. Select the statistical parameters you wish to display.
  2. Another option to adjust the number of digits after the decimal point. By default this is set to three decimal places.

Export options

Located far right on the "Views Bar" the "Actions" button is located. The dropdown under this button reveals a number of actions you can choose from including:

  • Discard changes
  • Save
  • Save as
  • Edit details
  • Start new view
  • Export chart
  • Export statistics
  • Delete

The "Export chart" option sees the export of a png version of your chart that includes the fully labeled and displayed tags. 


Note: Of the three plot modes available (Stacked plot, trend plot and scatter plot) only the stacked plot and trend plot is exportable. 

The "Export statistics" button sees the export of an xlsx table.