Index manager screen

What is the index manager screen?

The first time a tag is used, either by adding the tag to the focus chart or by running a batch-indexing script, the full history of the tag will be indexed. Afterwards, TrendMiner will keep the indexes of these tags up to date. 

The indexing manager screen provides an overview of the health of the indexed tags. It can be used by the admin too easily find a tag of interest and deleting the index, if needed. 

Why use the index manager?

Indexing happens backwards in time to make sure that recent data can already be searched, while waiting for the older time periods to be indexed. Tag data are refreshed every hour. It is crucial to understand the status of tag indexing as this relates directly to the quality of any TrendMiner analysis.


How to use the index manager

Use the index manager to search through your indexed tags by; 

  • Sorting on index start date and last updated date; 
  • on name; and by,
  • filtering on index status.

You can easily identify any indexing problems by looking to the index state column:

 IMS2.png Tag completely up to date. Backwards indexing was successful and recent data was successfully appended.
 IMS3.png Backwards indexation process in progress.
Will switch to OK after completion. Data which is indexed can already be used in the analyses.

Backwards indexing was performed but an error (e.g. historian connection loss) occurred during this process.

The Index start date indicates where the backwards process stopped.

The indexation will automatically be retried when the tag is used again.

Recent data was successfully appended

IMS5.png Recent data was not successfully appended (e.g. due to historian connection issues), delaying potential monitoring events.

This state gets priority on incomplete state
IMS6.png Trendminer is unable to update the index of the tag (tag or dependent tag does no longer exist). TrendMiner will disregard these tags when updating the most recent data. 
If the root cause is resolved, the indexation process will automatically resume when the tag is used again.

IMS7.png In the event that the responsible service for indexing goes down, tags which were in progress will go to failed. These tags should be reindexed afterwards to ensure their correctness. 


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