Cross asset value based search

The cross asset value based search is a TrendMiner search option that enables you to explore through similar assets and attributes that are predefined as part of a template. 

Why use the cross asset value based search

This is an efficient way to search through all related data in one go, foregoing the need to search through each asset or attribute individually. 

For example, instead of searching through the data of each reactor in your process to try and identify a root cause of an issue, you can search all your reactors data at once if they belong to the same template. 

Note: A cross asset value based search can only be applied on assets belonging to a specific template. If TrendMiner is synced with a PI Asset Framework, templates are derived from the PI AF configuration. TrendMiner also provides the possibility to set up an asset framework, including the option to specify template assets.  Read here for more details.  

How to conduct a cross asset value based search

1. Goto the TrendHub feature menu.

2. Goto the tag menu Cross_asset_1.png and search for your assets of interest. 


In this case, reactor assets are sought in the asset search tool (tag browser). An asset that has been defined as belonging to the "REACTOR" template is flagged as such with a greyed label, as circled above.

3. Add your attributes of interest to the focus chart.

4. Select search cross_asset_3.png.

5. Select "Cross-Asset Value Based" Cross_asset_6.png search by clicking on the associated + sign.


6. Select an asset template. 

Based on the attributes in the active tag list, TrendMiner will automatically detect the available templates.


7. Select an asset(s) (maximum 15 assets).

8. Select a template-attribute under condition that belongs to your asset template.

9. Fill in condition details.

10. Add an additional condition if needs be.

11. Click on search.

12. Save search.

If you have as with this case selected 3 reactor assets, the search will be conducted in series through each parent template and in accordance to the conditions of the attributes, then the next asset, and so on.

In effect, this is a regular value based search conducted 3 times, with the difference that it is set up once with the use of templates.

The results are listed per asset, by default. You can also, as normal, have your results listed by time and by duration.

Note: It is very possible that not all of your asset and attribute data are indexed. If this is the case a warning will pop up during your cross asset search. You can download a list of your unindexed tags easily by clicking the download button that is made available when the non-indexed data warning pops up.

Note: Monitoring and dynamic filters are not available for cross asset searches.

Note: Cross value based search is currently not supported (and blocked) for string tags (i.e. digital tags for which no numerical value mapping exists on the historian). Digital tags for which a numerical value mapping exists on the historian are supported.




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