ContextHub - Context item approval

What is context item approval?

In some circumstances the context item updates will need to be approved or verified by an accountable actor. An approval requirement can be set within a context item so that any accountable staff can put their name to the item, effectively acknowledging that they have checked and/or agreed with the new updates placed into the context item. 

Why use context item approval?

Dependant on the urgency of the situation an approval requirement on an item can be created so that an accredited operator, engineer or similar can read the situation as laid out in the context item and respond with an approval of the item, or take necessary actions to ensure the state for approval is met. For example, approvals can be used to acknowledge receipt of an update, acknowledge that a task has been carried out, or acknowledge that a shift report has been read.

Anyone creating a context item type can add an approval requirement. If you have a context item that uses a type with approval settings established, you can switch the approval setting to on.

How to set context item approvals:

1. Create a context item type as normal.

2. Tick the "Approvals available" button.


If you have edit rights on the context item for a type, you can set yourself the approval. 

1. Create a new context item using your new context type.

2. Click "View" on the ContextHub bar.

3. Click the + sign at the top of the views menu.

4. Filter your view to locate your new context item.

5. Click the small greyed arrow that points right at the far right of your new context item. A side panel will appear from the right.


6. Click on the "Add approval" button.


When you add your approval, you are essentially authenticating the context item you have created. You approval will be publicly available. When others given authority to approval approve, you will see this highlighted under the "APPROVALS" section in the context item.

If necessary you can remove the approval by clicking the "Remove approval" button.

Note: The users that click the approve button are the ones that appear in the item.

Note: When you edit the item, approvals are automatically removed. 

Note: By default no one will have the approval.

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