ContextHub - Context item history

What is context item history?

Context item history is an administrator option that when activated stores all changes on a context item in an audit trail. 

Why use audit trails?

Context item history provides a content archive that may be referred to if descriptive elements of an item have been un-intendedly lost through deletion, changed; or you simply wish to refer to historical content.

How to activate the context item history tool

1. Goto a context type of interest and open its details panel.

2. Scroll down the panel and find the "Turn on history" check box. 


3. Click the "Turn on history" check box to activate the option.

4. Click on "Save Context Item".

Note: When a context item is deleted, all audit trails are deleted too. 

Accessing the audit trail

At the moment audit trails are available through the TrendMiner APIs. To access the APIs of TrendMiner. Contact TrendMiner support to get developer access.

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