ContextHub - Live mode

What is live mode?  

Live mode enables auto-refreshing of the grid chart so that new items set, feature on the grid chart automatically.  

Why use live mode? 

The purpose of the live mode option is to ensure that the information you have in your ContextHub grid is up to date and inline with any edits or updates made on items at any given time. As time progresses the new items appear at the top of the grid in chronological order.  

How to engage live mode 

  1. Click on the time filter situated above the grid chart. Live_mode_1.png
  2. Click on the check "Enable live mode".
  3. Click on "Done".
  4. Click on the "Actions" button (top right of the ContextHub UI) and click "Save" in the drop down menu. 

Once live mode is engaged, you can see a small icon on the time filter above the grid that signifies the fact you are working in live mode. The bubble also turns green. 


Every time a new item is added or edited, live mode will ensure your grid is updated to fall in line with any revisions or new inclusions associated to your view. When live mode is switched on and the grid is saved, the live status of your view will remain until you switch it off and resave the view. 

Note: Live mode changes sorting to chronological order, where newest items come in first.  

Note: If you turn off the live mode, you must resave the view if you wish the off action to persist.  

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