ContextHub - Attachments

Create more process insights by adding documents to context items as attachments.

Add attachments to the context items in ContextHub using a drag and drop mode or by using browse mode. 

1. Go to ContextHub.

2. Select the context view.

3. Click on the context item of choice.

A side panel will appear from the right.

4. At the top of the panel select "Attachments".


5. Drag and drop or browse and select a file of choice.

6. Click on "Upload". 

The uploaded file will appear above the drag and drop site.

Each time you wish to access this document you simply return to the context item and open the attachments option. The file will be available providing you have the appropriate access rights.

Note: Unique names are needed when uploading your documents.

Note: Most document types are up-loadable (PDF, Doc, Dox..), with a maximum file size of 20 Mb.

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