DashHub - Creating a dashboard

The dashboard is the core visual estate created in DashHub, it is your TrendMiner control centre for the assets and processes you manage. The board is where you create the visual overview of your processes and ultimately oversee and monitor the status of your assets as they play out their daily operations.  

As your multiple events are captured by TrendHub and ContextHub, they can be conveniently visualised in one location, your DashBoard. Instead of working through separate views of TrendHub and ContextHub, as you try to work out what is going on with your process, open DashHub so that you can see all your views and monitors in one location, enabling you time to respond to issues efficiently and effectively.

The following image is an example of a dashboard that contains six tiles.


The dashboard is your control center, the tiles are your individual views into TrendHub and ContextHub and your created monitors and alert facility.

How to create a dashboard 

1. Click the Hub selector in the TrendMiner UI.

2. Select DashHub.


3. Click on the + icon to create a new Dashboard.