TrendMiner 2019.R1

28th of February 2019

The 2019.R1 release contains the following new functionality and improvements:

New Functionality

Stacked Trend: plot your visible tags in separate y-axes, stacked vertically.


Application Enhancements

  • Date-pickers for double slider: by clicking the double slider, a popup with date pickers opens which allows you to select the start and end time of your context bar more accurately.


  • Custom time spans for the focus chart: besides the predefined time spans you can now also easily set your own custom time span for the focus chart.


  • Unambiguous timestamp format in TrendHub: dates in TrendHub are now shown in an unambiguous format to avoid confusion between date notations in different countries.
  • Keyword filter in ContextHub: keywords added to context item can now be targeted with a new filter in ContextHub views.
  • Show Context Items which are out of range: Context items which are out of the Y-range of a tag with a manual scale are now visualized on the top or bottom of the focus chart.


Bug Fixes

  • Shifted tags are handled correctly in searches.
  • Email address is now properly stored in ConfigHub when creating a user.
  • Able to only use the context item creation option in the monitor / monitor should only be turned off when all three (inbox, mail and context item) options are unchecked.

Known issues

  • Indexed data is not immediately modified when modifying a formula tag. Renaming the formula tag is advised, which will force the creation of a new index.
  • Context Item-search does take into account the newly introduced keywords-filter, but does not show it on the search details.
  • Scooter values may change when zooming in after adding the scooter. This is due to the fact that scooters currently interpolate the data points on the chart.
  • The back button of the browser does not correctly restore the panel state.
  • Tag grouping is not yet remembered as part of the view state, and may be lost when refreshing the view or loading a saved view.
  • When calculated tags are deleted, they cannot be created with the same name again.
  • Exporting data from a view may fail with too many filter periods activated. 

BETA New ConfigHub interface

Introducing a completely re-styled interface for TrendMiner system administrators to monitor the key services of TrendMiner, to manage the application license and back-ups, and to configure security (and upcoming in a later release to configure data-sources) in one central location. 

Note: Fully operational BETA available on <trendminer-url>/confighub/mgmt/, next to the existing ConfigHub interface (<trendminer-url>/confighub/)





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