Scrollable dashboard

New dashboards are scrollable, and consequently you can add up to 100 tiles to 1 dashboard.  

All old dashboards do not have the scrollable feature. 

This feature allows you to scroll to tiles that fall beyond the normal screen, so you can scroll across or down to make them visible. 

To activate scroll option on pre-2020.R2 dashboards: 

  1. Click on the "Actions" button, located top right of your dashboard. 
  2. Select "Make scrollable". 


Important note: your current views won't be scrollable after the 2021.R2 upgrade. You can, and we recommend, to migrate these views manually to a scrollable dashboard. This is a manual step because this change can result in some small rearrangements in your dashboard.  

Presentation mode 

Presentation mode removes all top and side bars, to facilitate use in control rooms and on large screens. 


To activate presentation mode: 

  1. Click on the small tele icon situated top right of your dashboard. 

All top and side bars disappear, and the tele icon turns green, denoting its activation. 

To switch back to normal mode, simply click on the now green tele icon. 

Tip: by simply add ?mode=presentation and the end of the url, you can trigger the presentation mode without any manual interaction.   


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