TH NextGen - Diagnose

TrendMiner's diagnostic tools help you to find the root cause of your process issues and enable you to get greater insight into the relationships between your process parameters.

The diagnostic tools build upon search functionalities, where you can leverage your historic data to draw better conclusions or let TrendMiner provide automated suggestions that might be relevant to your current analysis.

These tools help you to proactively generate hypotheses concerning the root cause of process and asset issues:

  • Layer comparison: Search for good and bad conditions and dive deeper into the differences. Compare process conditions before and after implementing a change. Acquire an overview how your process evolved compared to last month.
  • Cross-correlations: Get recommendations of (upstream) process parameters that correlate with the tags/periods you have visualized.
  • Fingerprint Deviations: The Fingerprint deviation tool helps you to identify tags that are deviating from good behaviour. Identify poor process behavior using your saved fingerprints, that indicate good behavior.
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