Work Organizer

Views are located, managed and saved in the work organizer. This feature is implemented under "work organizer"  located left of the user profile menu, top right of the TrendMiner User Interface.


The key enabler of this feature is the ability to create and manage folders to organize your TrendHub views, Fingerprints, ContextHub views and Dashboards, in a highly efficient way. In the work organizer, folders and views are collectively referred to as items.

How to create a folder in the work organizer

  1. Select "work organizer" located left of the user profile menu.
  2. Click on '+  Create Folder' button (a side panel will open).
  3. Enter folder name and press 'create folder'.

New fingerprints, as well as TrendHub, ContextHub views and Dashboards will be automatically saved in the work organizer and can be moved to another folder if desired.

How to rename, move and delete items

By ticking a folder or view the 'create folder' button is replaced by an 'item selected' button.

  1. Select one folder or view in the work organizer (tick box to the left of item).
  2. Click on the 'item select button' that appears above the folder and view list.

With one item selected three options appear in the drop down menu; 'rename item', 'move item to folder' and 'delete item'. When more than one item is selected, the rename item option is not available.


When you select rename, a side panel opens to facilitate the action. Enter name and press 'rename item' button.

You can make a copy of an item by clicking on a box to the left of a view and selecting Make a copy under the Actions button. When you make a copy a side panel will open from the right where you will be asked to name your new copied item.

Selecting the move option opens up a mini browser. Here you can navigate through folders to help you select one as a destination for the item you wish to move. Tick a box linked to your folder of choice and press the move button.

You can also share your items by selecting the items to share and clicking the Share item option under the actions button. A panel from the right will appear where you will fill in the names of colleagues you wish to share your items with and provide the level of permission you wish to enable your colleagues with.

When you select a folder for deletion, all items are deleted (folders and other items). Tick a box of a folder or view to be deleted, press the item selected button choose delete item. You are given a pop-up prompt to confirm deletion.

How to sort items

Items can be sorted by 'Name' or 'Last Updated' by clicking the corresponding column header in the work organizer. Folders are listed first, regardless of which sorting option is set.

How to open your own work and shared work

There are two tabs in the work organizer; 'My work' and 'Shared with me'.

  1. Select the tab of choice.

'My work' holds the folders, views and a variety of items (fingerprints, formulas, aggregations…) of which you are the owner. 'Shared with me' contains only the views shared to you by another owner. It also indicates the owner of the items, and the time and date items were last updated.

When working under the 'My work' tab, you have the option to filter between work organizer types, by clicking the icon with three horizontal lines. These include:

  • TrendHub views 
  • Fingerprints 
  • ContextHub views 
  • Dashboards 
  • Formulas 
  • Aggregations 
  • Similarity searches 
  • Value based searches 
  • Cross asset value based searches 
  • Digital step searches 
  • Operating area searches 
  • TrendHub BETA views 
  • Filters 
  • Machine learning model
  • Predictions 

To filter a type simply deselect it.


How to share work

In the work organiser your work items are categorized between those that are yours, and those that have been shared with you. Any item that you create you are able to share.


Why share your work?

You can share six types of items, these include; TrendHub views, Fingerprints, ContextHub views, DashBoards, Formulas and Aggregations. Having created one of these types, you may wish to share your work with other interested parties so that others can learn from your findings, for purposes of monitoring, root cause analysis, issue mitigation and shift change. 

Note: When you share an item, all depending items are automatically shared. For example, if a dashboard is shared, then the items associated to the tiles added to that dashboard are also shared.

Current dependencies:

- TrendHub view can depend on a fingerprint

- Dashboard can depend on ContextHub view and TrendHub view

Important Note: When sharing saved searches, associated filters and monitors are not shared with it. The recipient will need to open the shared file and save a copy of the shared search before a monitor can be created based on the saved item.

How to share types of work in the work organizer

1. Open the work organizer by clicking on the work organizer button located at the top right of your UI.

2. Click on the checkbox of the item row(s) you wish to share. A bubble will appear above the item list; (x item selected). Click on this bubble.

3. Click "Share item" in the drop down menu. A side panel will appear from the right.


4. In the side panel enter the name of an individual(s) you wish to share your work with.

5. Click the + button and the names will be added to the "Overview" list.


6. Close the panel.

Your chosen work has been shared with your selected colleagues.

To stop sharing the item(s), select the item you want to update the sharing settings for, then do the following:

  1. Click the checkbox of the row you wish to revoke the share rights.
  2. In the dropdown list that appears under the "Item selected" bubble, select "Share item". A share panel appears from the right hand side of the screen.
  3. In the "Overview" list that appears from the right, identify members you wish to revoke share rights to and click on the x button to the right of the user's name.
  4. Close the panel.

Your newly shared items will be found by your colleagues in their work organizer under the "Shared with me" bubble. When sharing an item do not forget to also share depending items. E.g. also share ContextHub views if they are used in a shared DashHub view.

Important: If you wish to share your view to everyone, type "everyone" in the name field.

Note: To remove existing share permissions, select a single item and click the "Share item" option. When multiple items are selected, you can only add new share permissions. 

Note: Currently other users can only be given read access. Edit permissions will be added in future releases.

Note: When you share a view and then delete the view, everyone's access to the read view is deleted.

Note: When you share a formula and aggregation tags the details of the formula and aggregation are shared also. Including the formula and any other tags that are nesting.

How to search for items

The search is not limited to the current folder. The search feature will search all folders and other items within the 'My work' space, and separately within 'Shared with me' space. You can search both in 'My work' and in 'Shared with me' but not simultaneously, and so conduct separately.

Note: wildcards (*) are available to specify more advanced naming patterns. e.g. 'Project*optimization' will match all items for which the name or description contains the strings 'Project' and 'optimization', even if other characters appear before, in between or after.








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