Asset browser

The Asset Browser provides you the ability to visualize the asset structure defined by TrendMiner or sourced from a PI Asset Framework.  As an alternative of the tag search the asset browser enables you to easily navigate your plant asset structure and associated tags. 

The asset browser is unified throughout TrendHub and ContextHub. 

How to add tags from asset browser

1. Open the tags menu AB1.png

2. Click on the Search tags & attributes button right of the hub switcher.


When clicked, you will open up the following Drop down.


3. Select between Tags or Assets.

4. Click the search field to type the tag or asset of choice. 


5. Click on the blue + button to select Tags. When clicked, the tags will be added to the active tags list.  

Similarly, by partially or fully adding a name in the search field, the browser will display the related assets or tags.

  1. Select 'Asset Hierarchy' to see the uploaded asset tree  or  'Tags' to see the list of tags.
  2. Clicking the plus icon AB5.png enables the selection of tags from the results list.

Tags can also be added using your keyboard arrows and return/enter keys.

Note: Child attributes are also synced and selectable in the asset browser.


Using the advanced asset browser/tag search

The advanced tag search (downward arrow right of the search field) enables the search for assets based on a combination of partial matches on name, description and/or template of the asset.

  1. Open the tags menu.
  2. Click the Advanced tag search button right of the search field. Fill in the 'Name', the 'Description', and/or the 'Template'.


Tag types can also be filtered. Click on the Tag Type button right of the search field to open a drop down menu. Check the boxes of affiliated to the Tag types of interest. Use the all or none options to quickly bulk select and deselect the types.


Note: wildcards (*) are available to specify more advanced naming patterns. e.g. '*C101*temp*' will match all tags for which the tag name or description contains the strings 'C101' and 'temp', even if other characters appear before, in between or after.

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