Search overview

There are a number of search options in TrendMiner to help you find periods of relevant data useful to your analysis.

In the list below are links to articles that provide a short description of typical applications of each search type.

The search options in TrendMiner are:

  • Similarity search: look for patterns in your data by searching through history and finding visually similar events.
  • Value based search: look for periods in history where specific conditions are met, such as, temperatures below certain thresholds, pressures above a safety limit, valves fully open etc.
  • Cross-asset value based search: search option that enables you to explore through similar assets and attributes that are predefined as part of a template. 
  • Digital step search: find specific occurrences in your data where a step was made in a digital tag, such as a transition between two product types or batch phases.
  • Operating area search: search for periods adhering or not adhering to a selected region in the scatterplot, e.g. to identify different or changing modes of operation such as fouling.
  • Context item search: Search and select context items contained within the timelines of your context views of interest. 

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