Operating Area search

The operating area search enables you to search for data inside or outside of a drawn region in the scatter plot.

Note: The area search will search through the time period in the context bar (range selected by double slider). Time periods that are filtered out or not yet indexed are not included.

How to perform an operating area search

1. Select a minimum of two tags and a time window that represents the behavior of interest. Visualize this period in the focus chart.

2. Select 'Scatter' visualisation in the focus chart.

3. From the search menu, select the area search icon  .


4. Draw an area on the focus chart to define your search by clicking on the scatter plot. When you finish drawing your shape, double click to stop editing the shape.

5. Change search options if required (see 'Search options' below).

6. Press 'Search' to start the search.

7. Wait for the results list to appear. By default, the results are sorted and grouped by date (see working with the search result list to change the order of the results).

8. Navigate through the results list to find your results of interest.

9. Visualize results in the scatter plot by clicking on a result. Add the result as an additional layer using the add layer icon  .

This latter action does not present the layers on the scatter plot, however, the results will be visible when switching back to the 'Trend' plot of the focus chart.

Search options

  1. Select whether or not you would like to search 'Inside of the drawn area' or 'Outside of the drawn area'.
  2. 'At least during' is a search condition that enables you to cite the minimum time interval that results must match in the results list. This parameter may be used to filter out noise (brief spikes that satisfy the conditions specified).

Note: the index resolution setting determines the maximum resolution at which results are available. This implies that with a resolution setting of 1 minute, no results will be found with a duration smaller than 1 minute.

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