Tag builder: Overview

The tag builder features enable you to create new tags. New tags will be stored on the TrendMiner server and accessible to all other users within TrendMiner. 

There are three possible ways to define new tags:

  • Formula: To create new tags based on formulas. The formula tags functionality enables the use of existing tags stored in your historian in order to perform calculations.
  • Aggregation: To obtain a certain value such as the central running average, minimum, maximum,... over a certain time frame. The aggregation functionality will enable you to smooth noisy data.
  • Machine Learning Model Tag: To create a tag based on a PMML model. This functionality is only available when activated in your TrendMiner license and when permissions are granted by your administrator. 
  • Data import: To import external data (i.e. which is not stored in your historian) and save it as tag. At the moment only csv-files are supported for loading in data, using standard coding UTF-8. 

Click here for an example where aggregation and formula tags are combined to calculate the derivative of a noisy temperature measurement.

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