Time navigation

Time navigation is TrendMiner's easy to use data navigation feature. 

When you're pressed to make a decision, TrendMiner's efficient navigation feature enables you to quickly find trends in your data that help define a problem or confirm a hypothesis. 

You can use three levels of time navigation to help you find trends in your data:

It is important that you can distinguish between these different levels to understand how TrendMiner works.

Double Slider

The double slider controls the time range of the context widget over which time navigation and search operations will be performed.
The full span of the double slider covers the period between 2010 and present day. The selection defaults to the last 6 months of available data. The double slider can be adjusted on both sides to select any time period within the full available history of the active measurements. For a more precise range selection click the double slider to open a date picker popup.

Context bar

The context bar shows an overview of the relevant data to examine, and can be used for convenient selection of a time period of interest. 
Drag or stretch the rectangle with solid borders to change the selection in the focus chart. If needed, use the double slider to navigate to a period of interest first. You can start drawing a new rectangle in an unselected part of the context bar at any time. The focus chart will load data for this selected area. 
Click on an empty part of the context bar widget to select the full context range. 

Focus chart

The focus chart offers various controls for time navigation. 
Date and time pickers: Use these buttons to select the start and end time of the focus chart.
Fixed span selection: By selecting the time span picker, you open the option to apply preset time frames to the focus chart, to enable a quick an easy way to frame the time span you wish to analyze. These time frames include; 1hr, 2hrs, 8hrs a day and so on. Included in this time frame selection menu is the possibility to enter specific time periods. Simply select the exact period you wish to see displayed in the trend view, and press enter. The period picker also enables the manual input of a period from weeks down to seconds.To input a period simply use M for month, w for week, d for day, h for hour, m for minute and S for second.
For example, for a period of 1 week, 2 hours, 2 minutes and 10 seconds, simply input the following: 1W 3H 2M 10S, then press enter. Once you press enter, the focus chart expands or contracts to the time period you requested.

When you select a timespan it is locked when changing the date and time pickers. To undo this click on the lock icon to unlock.

Note: Clicking on the lock icon from unlocked mode will lock the currently selected time span, as opposed to the predefined time span. 
Arrow (left / right) icons on focus chart: In regular (unlocked) navigation mode, these buttons add 20% of the current window size. When the time span is locked, the buttons move the chart (left/right) also by 20%. 
Zoom icon for a marked area on the focus chart: This button appears in the selection menu after marking an area in the focus chart, and offers a convenient way to zoom in on a period of interest.

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