Digital step search

Digital step search  enables you to search for specific occurrences in your data where a step was made in a digital tag, signifying, for example, a transition between two product types or batch phases.

How to perform a digital step search

  1. Add at least one digital tag to your active tag set in the tag menu.
  2. From the search menu, select the digital step submenu .
  3. Select the digital measurement of interest, and a 'FROM' and 'TO' state from the dropdown menus.
  4. Set the desired time durations.
  5. Press the 'Search' button to start the search.
  6. Wait for the result list to appear. By default, the results are sorted and grouped by time (see working with the search result list, to change the order of the results). Results are also indicated in blue under the context bar.
  7. Navigate through the result list to find results of interest. Visualize results in the focus chart by clicking a result or adding them as additional layers, by clicking the add layer icon  .

Digital step search deep dive video

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