The in-application inbox serves as a personal mailbox in which recent monitor results of interest are displayed.

To learn more about monitors and how to set them up, please refer to monitor and alert overview.

  • Results of interest: TrendMiner returns the matches based on the monitors that have been set up by the user. These monitors can be based on saved searches or created fingerprints.
  • Recent results: recent results are results that have not previously been looked at by the user. For instance, when the user has most recently enabled a monitor based on a value based search, every situation after that day that matches the criteria of the search will increase the count on the inbox by one.

Example: inbox menu item with 57 new results

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 20.44.54

Active monitors with recent results are listed in the inbox menu. The icon in front of the search indicates the type of monitor (value based, similarity, step, event frames, etc.) The colored circles indicate the number of results for each monitor. When an item is clicked, the corresponding results are displayed, as shown below.

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 20.45.05

When returning to the inbox, the item is greyed out and the total count is decreased to represent the fact that these results should no longer be considered new. These greyed out items will no longer appear in the inbox when the user refreshes or logs in again later.

Note: All results for a given saved search can be found again by navigating to the search menu then to 'Saved searches'. From there you can conduct your search of interest.

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