Live mode

Entering live mode enables you to visualize data as it arrives in real-time. This helps you to follow the process, it also enables you to visually compare process data with fingerprints to assess process conditions.

How to turn on live mode

To enter live mode, click the play icon  on the bottom right of the trend screen. The focus window will shift to show the most recent data, which is updated every 10 seconds:

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 20.29.31

To exit live mode, press the pause icon  .

To monitor data over a fixed width moving window, switch on the lock icon. To monitor data over a window that grows as new samples are received, switch off the lock icon.

How to visualize fingerprints

Visualizing fingerprints can be interesting to compare the fingerprint to current process behavior.

Use cases include:

  • Compare an ongoing transition to the ideal transition.
  • Compare a running batch to a defined golden batch profile.
  • Compare startup or shutdown of machinery to the vendor's specification profile.

To visualize fingerprints in live mode, navigate to the fingerprint menu  and add the fingerprint of interest. There are two options available:

  • Add fingerprint 'At current time': the left side of the fingerprint corresponds to the current moment. Use this option to start monitoring a transition or batch run that is just beginning.
  • Add fingerprint 'At start of view': the left side of the fingerprint is aligned to the left side of focus. With the additional 'zoom to fit' toggle option, the focus is resized to match the length of the fingerprint (i.e. the full fingerprint is shown). Use this option to overlay a fingerprint on historical data, or to add a reference for a transition or batch run that is already in progress.

In the layer menu  the fingerprint can be shifted in time to align it with the beginning of a batch. With the four buttons indicated in the figure below, the fingerprint can be shifted. One can shift the fingerprint with a small shift  or a big shift  .

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