Layer menu

The layer menu displays all layers (time periods) which are added to a certain view. They can be shown in or hidden from the focus chart.

Layering is a mechanism that will help you to visually compare data on the focus chart, and exploit the layer comparison table to quantify process parameters for different periods. Comparing similar events for different timeframes or operating conditions, enables you to troubleshoot and further understand your process.

Below, a couple of use case examples are listed:

  1. Select the tags you want to see in each layer. This functionality may be used to overlay patterns from different assets (for instance oil pressure 1 visible in first layer, oil pressure 2 in second layer).
  2. Easily compare your focus data with a layer that contains the most recent data, batch or a known reference time period.
  3. Compare good periods of production with bad periods of production in order to perform a root cause analysis.

From the layer menu, a number of actions can be taken on your layers:

How to create layers

There are different methods for creating layers. One method to add layers is via search results while the second method is to create layers manually. Another option is to create layers via the saved views menu.

In order to create layers via search results:

  1. Perform a search, please refer to the search overview for more information.
  2. Click the add layer icon  of the desired search result.

In order to create layers manually:

  1. Open the layer menu icon .
  2. Click the plus icon  at the top of the layer menu.

By default, the new layer will coincide with the most recent time frame in the context time range. This means that the new layer will have the most recent time frame. The overlay can be repositioned via the date and time pickers or shift icons  in the layer menu.

In order to create layers via saved views:

  1. Open the saved views menu.
  2. Select a saved view.
  3. Press layers.

How to highlight layers

Highlighting layers will visually fade other overlays to the background so that the layer of interest becomes more visible. In order to highlight layers:

  1. Open the layer menu.
  2. Click the layer you wish to highlight.
  3. Click the layer again (or another layer) to undo the highlight.


How to edit layers

  1. Open the overlay menu.
  2. Click the layer you wish to edit.
  3. Adjust the options as explained in the screenshot below.


How to remove layers

To delete one specific layer:

  1. Open the layer menu.
  2. Click the layer you wish to delete.
  3. Click the delete icon .

To delete all layers (except for the base layer):

  1. Open the layer menu.
  2. Click the delete-all icon .


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