Data and image export

What is data and chart export?

Under the export button at the base of the focus chart Export1.png, you will find buttons for export data Export1.png, and export chart Export2.png. The data export function enables you to transfer your data from TrendMiner to platforms such as Excel. The export chart feature exports images of your trendview, scatter view and stackplot views in png format.

In addition, you can export your search results and comparison tables.  

Why export?

Exporting your data and TrendHub views can be useful for making reports.

How to export data

TrendMiner has two different data export options:

  • Export chart data and chart image: Export index data from the Focus-chart. 
  • Export search results: Export search results, start and end times, and the duration for each result. Also includes any calculation made on top of the results.
  • Exporting the comparison table: The export functionality of the comparison table can be used to extract the statistical values from TrendMiner.

Export chart data

Interpolated data on the focus chart can be exported via the data export icon.


The export button brings up the export data dialog box. The export resolution can be configured. Only resolutions that are multiples of the index resolution are supported. For instance, at a 1 minute indexing resolution the minimum time interval of data that can be stored is 1 minute.


The export button indicates the export progress:

  • In progress: Export5.png
  • Successful:  Export6.png

The result of the export looks like the spreadsheet below. The sheet has a column headed 'included', which indicates whether the time value was filtered out or not. Each layer is exported to their own worksheet.


Use: Export data for further analysis in MS excel or generic analytics benchmark tools.

Export Image

The camera button is located under the export button. This button is used to export TrendHub views, including; trend views, scatter plots and stacked plots, in the form of a png. In addition to high quality images, the export includes lists of tags and layers.

Note: This feature does not work on internet explorer.


Export search results 

Search results can be exported via the export option next to the search result list, as illustrated below: 


The export file contains both a details tab and search results tab 


Use: export search results of interest for further processing in excel or other tooling. For instance, users may want to analyze batch run durations in MS excel. 

Export the comparison table

The export of the compare table has been addressed in this article.

-- If your TrendMiner screens do not match the screens you see above, this means you probably run an older version of TrendMiner. Contact your administrator for upgrade options.

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