Data scooters

Data scooters are boxes on the focus chart that contain values of graphical data at set time points. The data in the scooter are points at which the graphical data lines are intersected by the scrolling (y) axis.

Data scooters help the interpretation of data within the graphical display. The numerics are pinned values that are displayed in visible tags, sometimes referred to as a timestamp. Values between data points are interpolated. You can create two or more scooters to compare values of the base period at two or more moments in time. 

How to add data scooters

To add a new data scooter:

  • Move the cursor to the desired time in the focus chart.
  • Double click.

The data scooter displays values of the base layer time period and its timestamp. For analog tags, values are linearly interpolated. For discrete and digital tags, the value of the previous point is displayed. 

Note: When data scooters are used on large (zoomed out) windows with rapidly varying data, the accuracy of the values displayed on the data scooter is limited. Best results are obtained by zooming in on the desired period. 

How to remove data scooters

To remove a data scooter there are two options:

  • Double click on an existing scooter.
  • Click on the delete icon in the action button section of the scooter.

To remove all data scooters at once, a quick solution is to refresh your browser page.

Values indicated on the data scooter are the interpolated values at that time. These can be slightly different from the values indicated on the axis, as those are values of the nearest plotted data. These points are indicated by large dots (blue and orange dots within data scooter), as seen in the figure above.

Use: create two or more scooters to compare values of the base period at two moments in time.

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