Home screen

The TrendHub home screen is where your interaction with TrendMiner begins. It provides you access to the analytics platform and various forms of support, including a direct communication channel with TrendMiner experts. The home screen is accessible at any time by selecting TrendHub within the hubswitch Homescreen1.png situated at the top left of the screen. TrendHub includes the following:

  • The unified application top-bar
  • Help center
  • Make a wish button
  • Software menu


The unified top bar

TrendMiner has three start screens; the analytics platform, TrendHub, the annotation management platform, ContextHub, and the dashboard management platform, DashHub.The top bar is a common top-bar allowing for easy navigation between each of these hubs.

Each start screen is accessible at any time by clicking the "Hubswitch",  left of top bar, and selecting the hub of choice.


The unified top bar also carries buttons for the:

  • Home page - click this to return to Hub home page.
  • Work organizer - click this to open up the work organizer (folder space)
  • Recommendation Engine (Automated tag suggester)
  • Notification center (Envelope icon is used to highlight, amongst others, the completion of jobs and views shared with you)
    • The Envelope icon highlights the amount of unseen notifications. 
    • Blue notices are unread and white notices are read. 
    • Last 200 notifications are kept / or for 30 days
  • User profile


  • User actions, under user profile: The user profile enables you to carry out a few basic actions related to your account and your TrendMiner session.
    • Toggle full screen
    • Account management
    • Start new session in new tab
    • Start new session
    • Log out
    • TrendMiner version and release notes (under the (?))

Help center

The help center is accessed by clicking the 'Help' button situated on the right side of the screen, and contains the following tools (amongst others):

  • Search bar 'Search for help'
  • User guide
  • Report issue
  • Support chat 'Chat with us'
  • Release notes
  • Support portal
  • Link to the TrendMiner site

The search bar makes it possible for you to quickly find more information about any topic in the user guide.

The user guide includes a comprehensive description of all TrendMiner features, subdivided by analytics topic. The guide can be used as a manual, or as a reference tool during your analysis. Information icons in the software menus immediately link to the respective article.

The report issue option can be used to report any issues/technical problems encountered in TrendMiner, without having to exit the application. One of our technical support engineers will diagnose your problem and contact you with a solution.     

Clicking on support chat opens up a platform that provides you direct access to one of our analytics engineers. Any questions concerning analytics problems can be asked here.

The release notes contain a summary of all the new functionalities, application enhancements, bug fixes and known issues in the latest release.   

Technical problems can be reported in the support portal.  The support portal opens a new window to your Zendesk account. Zendesk is used to log any issues encountered in TrendMiner.

Note: TrendMiner and ZenDesk use separate accounts and are thus not linked, you will have to create a new ZenDesk account  on first use.

Make a wish button

Below the support chat, you can find a heart icon heart.png. This is the make a wish button. If you know of a potential feature that would support your data analysis, you can insert your request here. All these requests are considered when developing TrendMiner's roadmap.

Software menu

The menu bar is situated on the left side of the screen. You can start analysing your data by adding a tag, or loading a view.

Note: The menu icons, help center and make a wish are accessible within every window.

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