Automatic annotations

TrendMiner can be used to monitor conditions (e.g. combinations of process values) and patterns in the background. When matching behaviour is detected, it is possible to have TrendMiner automatically annotate on top of the data.

More information about working with annotations can be found here

In order to set up automated annotations:

  1. Create a saved search or fingerprint.
  2. Open the monitoring menu .
  3. Select your search pattern.
  4. Tick off the 'Annotate event frame' check box.
  5. Select the 'Asset or Tag' on which the annotation needs to be created.
  6. Select the 'Type' of annotation.
  7. Select the 'Category' of annotation.

Optional: enter certain keywords and/or description.

Note: only annotations of start-stop type are available. 

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 20.52.13

The start event is generated as soon as the onset of a detection is clear. For instance, when monitoring is configured for a value based search 'BA:CONC.1 > 20' for at least a 10 minute duration, the start event will be created 10 minutes after the tag started exceeding a level of 20 (2 in screenshot below). The timestamp of the annotation will match the point where BA:CONC.1 first exceeded the threshold value (1 in screenshot below). The stop event will be created when the search condition(s) are not longer met (3 in screenshot below).

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 20.52.05

There are related articles available to help you find out more about setting up alerts in TrendMiner, e.g. monitoring for pattern matches and monitoring for fingerprint deviations.

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