How to fetch appliance logs

1. Open the browser and browse to [trendminer_url]/confighub

2. Enter the admin password for ConfigHub and sign in.

Note: This could be a different password than the TrendMiner admin user password.


3. Navigate to 'Diagnostics' and click on:

   a. 'Collect & export (recent)' for log files from an issue which just occurred (last hours).

   b. 'Collect & export (full)' for log files from the last 10 days for more elaborate investigation.


4. Wait until the logs files are collected and downloaded.


5. Open the browser and browse to


6. Log in using your TrendMiner file server credentials. If you don't know these or your credentials are not working, please contact your TrendMiner Customer Success Manager or send a support request to


7. Click on upload.php


8. Select your .zip file and enter your company or plant name and click 'Send File'.



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