ConfigHub - Appliance

This section in the menu is only available for appliances.

Network settings

The Networking section in ConfigHub allows the change of IP address and various other network related settings of the TrendMiner Appliance.


Note: Updates to network settings might lead to a temporary loss of connectivity for TrendMiner users.

Note: ConfigHub does not automatically redirect the browser to a new IP address.

Clicking ‘Save settings’ triggers a reconfiguration of the network. The state of the configuration action is shown under “Recent Actions” (right) as ‘RUNNING’ while the updates take place. A successful operation shows the status ‘SUCCESS’.

Appliance monitoring

The TrendMiner Appliance monitors itself for certain events. Alerts are sent to the email address configured in this section.

Examples of such events include:

  • Disk space: 80% warning, 90% critical
  • Swap: 50% warning, 90% critical
  • ConfigHub is down
  • Taskqueue is down
  • MySQL database is down


Note: Multiple email addresses can be entered when separated by semicolons.

Note: Email alerts only work when your Mail relay (under Email configuration) is correctly configured. Verify the configuration by clicking “Send test mail”.


The TrendMiner Appliance can be rebooted or powered off through ConfigHub. Go to the Power menu and click on the desired button. The Appliance will start executing the requested action 5 seconds after the command is given.


Note: A manual refresh of ConfigHub is necessary. Press F5 to try to load the interface again. Retry until this succeeds.

Note: If you are not using TrendMiner's appliance, e.g. when you've set up your own Linux server, please follow your internal procedure to Power off and reboot the server.

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