Getting started [5/5] - Setting up monitors

If you've gone through the previous steps of this onboarding flow, you've now mastered tags and searches. Now, we will focus on how to use monitors to be informed (either in-app or via email) when specified behaviors are observed.

Our mantra is: everything you search for, can also be monitored. Learn how to be alerted either directly within the TrendMiner platform or via email when the specified search conditions are triggered in the video and discover more on monitors underneath...

Doing more with monitors

Utilizing automatic annotations, fingerprints, monitor tiles

When monitored behavior is detected, it is possible to have TrendMiner automatically annotate on top of the data.  Learn more

In TrendMiner, you can utilize fingerprint deviation monitoring. By applying this monitor feature you will be alerted when the current proces trend deviates from a selected fingerprint. Common examples include monitoring batch runs that deviate from golden batch behavior or process transitions that do not match a reference behavior. Learn more

Monitoring/alert tiles in DashHub enable you to check visually the state of your TrendHub monitors based on the trigger criteria you set. When a monitor alert is triggered, the resumption of a "Normal status" will see the trigger reset. Learn more

Simple Use Cases

Put your TrendMiner knowledge to practice!

10. Monitor on process thresholds
1.5 minutes
11. Monitor on similar process behavior
1.5 minutes
12. Set up a monitoring dashboard
1.5 minutes
14_-_Monitor_on_process_thresholds.png 15_-_Monitor_on_similar_process_behavior.png 16_-_Monitoring_dashboard.png


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