Getting started [2/5] - Tags and views

TrendHub helps you analyze time series data; think of process measurements such as temperatures, pressures and valve states. We refer to these measurements as tags. Tags are brought together and visualized in TrendHub views which give you a window to your process behavior.

Learn how to search for, add, and visualize tags, and save your views for future access in the following video. Next, continue on this page to learn more...

Doing more with views

Utilizing scatter plots, layers & live mode

Scatter plots enable you to visualize correlations between measurements, and identify different operational regimes in your process. Learn more

Layering is a mechanism that will help you to visually compare data on the focus chart. Comparing similar events for different timeframes or operating conditions, enables you to troubleshoot and further understand your process.  Learn more

Entering live mode enables you to visualize data as it arrives in real-time. This allows you to follow a process or to visually compare process data with fingerprints to assess process conditions.  Learn more

Simple Use Cases

Put your TrendMiner knowledge into practice!

1. Comparing today's process behavior to last week's
1 minute
2. Check recent process behavior
1.5 minutes
3. Get easy access to frequently used tag sets
2 minutes
blobid0.png blobid1.png blobid2.png

Next step: Build your own tags


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Support chat be found directly within the TrendMiner application by clicking on the Help icon and then navigating to the "Chat with us" tile (pictured above).